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Featured Series of October: Mermaid Friends

Mermaid Friends

Ally and Jane spot moonstones while they're out swimming, and each one sees a tail. The next thing they know, they're on the floor. The next time they touch water, they turn into mermaids.

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Latest Episodes

Mermaid Secrets of the Deep: Season 5, Episode 1: The Code

Encanto da Sereia: Especial: As Princesas Parte 2

The 3 Aqua Tails: Season 2, Episode 5: Tail Change

A Splashy Tale: Season 2 & Series Finale: The Moon's Calling

And Now I'm Swimming: Book 2, Episode 3: Poison Ivy

Tennessee Tailz: Season 2, Episode 8: All Aboard the Looney Train

Living A Secret: Season 2, Episode 2: Just Mermaids

Life as a Mermaid (Julia Alexa): Season 2, Episode 4: Stranded

Sea Tails (Sea Girl): Season 3 Finale, Part 2: Potion Problems

A Mermaid's Life (x katie the mermaid x): Episode 6: Powers

A Mermaid's Journey: Season 3, Episode 10: The FINAL BATTLE

Secret Mermaid Life (Emily Breen): Episode 6: Sleep Over More Like Come Over

Del Mar Mermaids: Season 2, Episode 1: The Shell

My Secret Life as a Mermaid (Lainey Jean): Season 2, Episode 4

Our Secret Life (Simscraft Productions): Season 2 Finale, Part 1

Mermaid Tales (Sarah and Emily Productions): Season 2, Episode 8: Close Calls

A Mermaid's Tale (Katiecupcake1205): Episode 10: Tail Change

Mermaid Secrets (the AE'S): Episode 7: New Powers!

Trouble with the Tail: Season 1 Finale

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