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When only child Chloe stumbles upon an ancient book of spells, she discovers a world of magic unlike any she's ever known before. After creating magical charms that allow her and her friends to transform into mystical mermaids upon contact with water, she begins to delve deeper not only into the realm of magic, but into the mysteries of the book as well.

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Latest Episodes

My Life as a Mermaid (Isabel Peterson): Episode 8: Potion Motion

Something About the Tide: Episode 10

No Ordinary Girl (Show): Episode 1: A New Light

The Silver Shell: Episode 2: The Changling (sic)

Secret Scales (AvaSecretScales): Episode 11: Finale, Part 2

Sea Girl (Jermaine Jones): Episode 4: Sea Sick

A Splashy Tale: Episode 8: Fishy Troubles

Scale Tails: Episode 4: Another Dimension

Our Scaly Secret (agmermaidlover2000): Episode 1

Mermaid Masquerade: Episode 15: The Daughter

Secret Scales Forever: Episode 7: The Full Moon

Beneath the Waves: Episode 9: The Beginning of the End, Part 1

Tail Flip: Episode 5: A Shadow in the Woods

Girls with Sharp Fins: Episode 1: What's up with Grace?

Tennessee Tailz: Episode 8: Full Moon Party

Merman Magic: Episode 1: Full Moon

Into the Blue: Episode 8: Then There Were Three...

The Tail of 2 Mermaids: Episode 2: Watch Out!

The Water Secrets: Episode 10: A Dark Mermaid and Bionic Super Humans?

Mermaid Wonders (mermaid wonders): Episode 7

Pur-Aqua Mermaids: Episode 9: Mood Swings

Scale Tails: Episode 3: Taken

Ocean Destiny: Episode 3: The Talking Olivia

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As the former poll on this page indicated, most users think that all shows deserve their own pages. However, the number of people who actually create those pages is very low; either the creator of the show itself, or the wiki's founder. In order to change this, a new edit track has been created: Very Short Shows.

These are shows with three episodes or less. They are on the To-Do List, or the List of One-Hit Wonders. Being so short, it does not take long to watch these shows and learn everything you need to write up a page.

Nobody will get in trouble for badge farming, but please, the point of this edit track is to make new pages, not make tiny changes to old ones.

Thantosiet (talk) 15:05, June 2, 2014 (UTC)

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