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Featured Series of August: Del Mar Mermaids

Del Mar Mermaids

Two teen girls, strangers to each other, realize they each have the same necklace. A friendship begins as they agree to search for one's necklace, lost at the beach nearby, only to discover a true gift. When a strange craft crashes on their island, one mermaid is faced with an out-of-this-world encounter.

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Latest Episodes

Encanto da Sereia: Parte 155: Siri

Fire Ice Just Add Water: Episode 7: The Necklace

Mermaid Secrets of the Deep: Season 4, Episode 6: ADVENTURE

Max Mermaid: Season 3, Episode 3

Living A Secret: Season 2, Episode 1: A Note From Max

Under The Waves Mermaids: Episode 2: Be Careful What You Fish For

Scales and Tails (Chloe White): Episode 13: New Puppy

A Mermaid's Journey: Season 3, Episode 6: A Mermaid in Paradise

Ocean Mermaids (TogetherTribe): Season 2, Episode 1: She Found Out!!!

The 2 Mermaids (family blogs 123 kid u tube): Season 6, Episode ?

Mermaid Tales (Sarah and Emily Productions): Season 2, Episode 7: Ice isn't that Nice

Sea Tails (Sea Girl): Season 3, Episode 7: Discovered

My Splash Side: Episode 9: Ethamenthicus Serum

The 3 Aqua Tails: Season 2, Episode 4: A Magical Mystery, Part 1

Our Ocean Dream: Episode 7: Full Moon Madness

The Seven Seas (Angels Of The Water): Episode 9: The End?

Del Mar Mermaids: Episode 6: Mertrouble

Merman Magic: Season 2, Episode 7: New Magic

The 4 Mermaid Tails: Episode 9: Are (sic) Only Hope

A Mermaid's World (A Mermaids World): Episode 7

Mermaid Forever (katariina19991): Season 3, Episode 5

Our Secret Life (Simscraft Productions): Season 2, Episode 8: Luna

Magic-Merman: Episode 9

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