The Tail of 2 Mermaids is a mermaid show posted on the channel Sean Rush up until episode 4, at which point it transferred to Samantha fives-rush. It has just completed its second season.


Two friends go on a hike on Mako Island, find a pool and climb in, only to find themselves on Emma's bathroom floor. Jackie goes for a drink of water, and pops a tail, Emma following suit a second later.


Eiligh Rush as Emma, Pearl

Sequioa As Kalani

Auntie Julie as Auntie Vaitea

Ian Rush as Jack

Alyssa Duncan as Jackie

Vivian as Raven

Ocean as Steve

Coral as Michelle

Nova as Nova


The fourth episode was delayed by the loss of their cameraman (who wanted to play handball instead), and shortly thereafter the show transferred to the new channel, the first three episodes remaining where they were originally posted. The show is filmed in southern California.

Unfortunately, the creators announced that their families were moving in different directions (to Hawaii and Connecticut), so the show had to go on hold. In January 2014, updates promised that new episodes were on the way, and they soon came, but one of the actresses had to move again in March.

A broken computer slowed down production in 2014 until it was replaced in October. New episodes were promised soon, and came.

Episode ListEdit

Season 1Edit

  1. Magic
  2. Revealed
  3. The Spell
  4. Powers
  5. Luneta
  6. Flash Backs [sic]
  7. Something's Fishy
  8. To Save a Friend
  9. The Other Mermaid, Part 1, 2
  10. Moonstruck, Part 1, 2

Season 2Edit

  1. Was It a Dream?
  2. And Then There Were 3
  3. We Almost Got Caught
  4. The Unexpected
  5. He's Knocked Out!
  6. My Necklace, It's Gone!
  7. The Potion, Part 1, 2
  8. I Almost Got Caught!
  9. Emma's Life Has Gotten Complicated
  10. The Necklace

Season 3Edit

  1. Immortality
  2. Watch Out! Part 1
  3. Watch Out! Part 2
  4. Betrayal

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