The Scales is a YouTube show originally posted on the channel Maya Muscat, ended after its second season and not fully available as of yet.


Fourteen-year-old Phoebe Maxwell moves to a new town, and befriends mermaid-obsessed Jenny. Soon Phoebe is revealed as a mermaid, and Jenny follows suit by the end of the first season. They communicate regularly with other mermaids over the Internet, and soon encounter one in person, making some new discoveries along the way.


The show's tail apparently came from Adam Martyn's company FantaSea Creatures--and if so, was extremely lucky to actually receive hers rather than being scammed. A contest was held in the fall of 2009, apparently for auditions of new characters. It ended in 2012 as the creators wanted to move on to other projects. Thanks to an unfortunate glitch (or possibly hacking), all of the uploader's videos were removed from her channel.

However, in June of 2013, the creators found and re-uploaded the entire second season as a single video. Whether or not they will be able to find the first season as well remains to be seen.


Phoebe Maxwell - Maya (Merymaja)


Kim "Anna"

Writer - Maya

Episode ListEdit

Season 1Edit

  1. City Friends Scale
  2. Sleepover
  3. Full Moon
  4. I Trusted You
  5. The Last Thing To Do

Season 2Edit

  1. Hole of Ocean
  2. When the Danger Gets Closer
  3. Danger
  4. Full Moon Madness
  5. New Catch!
  6. Be Careful With Your Wishes
  7. Finale

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