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The Mystic Tails is a mermaid show posted on the channel of the same name, which has gone on hold in its second season.


Kylie, the new girl in town, begins having bizarre and painful visions. At a yacht party, another girl pushes her overboard, and she drowns, but the full moon resurrects her. Later, she wakes up in bed, goes to the bathroom, and pops a tail when she starts washing her hands.


Kylie, Director, Editor - Kaylynn K.

Kylie's Mom - Kaylynn's Mom

Caleb - Kialoha M.

Izzy, Editor - Hannah H.

Maya - Kaylan Y.

Morgan - Candice R.

Jackie - Amanda C.

Kahea, Cinematographer - Becky K.

Random Girl - Maileen

Danny - Mike

Lorelei - Kaishell


A contest was held in the August of 2012 for fan music videos, closed in September.

In late August of 2013, the creators began preparing to go off to various colleges, and put the show on hold, with plans to finish the second season when they got the chance. An update was released in September of 2014 discussing ways the show could continue despite the fact that their cast had scattered. They promised that the old episodes would not disappear. Kaylynn revealed that she was adapting the series into a book, which would be available on WattPad and FaceBook.

Episode ListEdit

Season 1Edit

  1. Beginning Through Troubled Waters, Part 1, 2, 3, 4
  2. And Then There Were Three . . .
  3. The Acceptance of Something Great
  4. Frozen With Fear Part 1, 2
  5. A Book Can Say a Thousand Words
  6. Unraveled Mysteries
  7. Dreams of Danger
  8. Abducted

Season 2Edit

  1. The Bigger Picture
  2. Decisions, Decisions
  3. Game On

See AlsoEdit

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