The Mermaid Tails is a YouTube mermaid show based in the UK, posted on the channel milliandmaddi before being deleted.


Yasmin and Bella go for a picnic in the park, and come across a few special shells. They lose track of the time, falling asleep as the sun sets, and wake up the next morning. When they accidentally spill water on themselves, the inevitable occurs.


The tails are homemade. In May, it was announced that the show would be updated at regular intervals, because the creators felt they had rushed the first two seasons, though due to a lack of internet access they were unable to make the first announced airdate. Eventually, all but the pilot episode were deleted--and eventually that as well.


Maddie as Yasmin

Zoe as Bella

Milan as Hannah

Directed by Milan, Maddie and Zoe

Edited by Milan

Episode ListEdit

Season 1Edit

  1. Surprize! (sic)
  2. Power Hour!
  3. Bath Time!
  4. A Day Out!
  5. Moon-Blinked...
  6. Water Works!
  7. Birthday Tail!
  8. Separate Fins...
  9. Secrets Revealed!
  10. (Season Finale) Fishy Trouble...Part 1, 2

Season 2Edit

  1. Back Wave
  2. Power Collision
  3. Shower Time
  4. Movie Time Out
  5. Night Light
  6. Power Cut
  7. Easter Splash
  8. Tails Apart