A list of episodes in The Crazy Mermaid Life.

Season 1Edit

Episode 1: A Stone MagicEdit

Upload Date: February 11, 2012

Bella steps on a stone, looks at the full moon, and goes crazy.

Episode 2: MerFreakEdit

Upload Date: March 18, 2012

Bella finally discovers what's happened to her.

Episode 3: Goofing AroundEdit

Upload Date: March 18, 2012

Nikki and Bella get home from school, and have the time of their lives.

Episode 4: Power PlayEdit

Upload Date: March 17, 2012

Bella and Payton do a little research to find Bella's powers, and find them.

Episode 5: Payton's SecretEdit

Upload Date: March 17, 2012

Payton's been acting weird lately. Bella accidentally splashes her, and discovers her titular secret.

Episode 6: FinaleEdit

Part 1Edit

Upload Date: March 3, 2012

Nikki and Bella are having fun when things go downhill.

Part 2Edit

Upload Date: March 3, 2012

A water tentacle attacks the girls.

Part 3Edit

Upload Date: March 24, 2012

The girls finally start to figure out what's going on.

Season 2Edit

Episode 1: New Year, New CousinEdit

Upload Date: April 1, 2012

Episode 2: An Unfortunate DreamEdit

Upload Date: March 28, 2012

Bella and Payton get trapped in a nightmare in which they aren't mermaids.

Episode 3: Cabin FeverEdit

Upload Date: April 6, 2012

Bella goes on an eclipse-fueled rampage, eventually forcing Payton to lose it as well.

Episode 4: Sea SickEdit

Upload Date: April 8, 2012

Payton and Bella eat some sea popcorn and become sick.

Episode 5: New MemberEdit

Upload Date: April 9, 2012

Crossover with an upcoming show created by oreolover2002.

Episode 6: Fish Out of WaterEdit

Upload Date: April 20, 2012

Payton discovers that Bella's been keeping a journal about their mermaid lives. Soon after, Bella's brother discovers the diary.

Episode 7: Slash of KnowledgeEdit

Upload Date: April 21, 2012

Bella does some research, and finds out a few new things about the full moon.

Episode 8: New GirlEdit

Upload Date: May 6, 2012

Bella meets a new girl named Nicole and they start to bond. Payton becomes jealous, and Bella ends up caught between the two.

Episode 9: A Twist at Grandma'sEdit

Part 1Edit

Upload Date: May 8, 2012

Bella goes to her grandma's house, and her brother accidentally exposes her.

Part 2Edit

Upload Date: June 29, 2012

Bella, while visiting her other grandma, discovers a note and gets dragged underwater. When she wakes up, she has no memory of the incident.

Episode 10: FinaleEdit

Part 1Edit

Upload Date: May 24, 2012

Bella witnesses another eclipse, to Payton and Nicole's concern. The day repeats itself, and Payton gets a strange text message.

Part 2Edit

Upload Date: May 30, 2012

Bella and Payton find out that Nicole is a mermaid too. Later, Payton is captured.

Season 3Edit

Episode 1: Nikki's BackEdit

Upload Date: June 16, 2012

When Bella gets home from the beach, she discovers that her twin sister, Nikki, is back in town. The twins head to the park, only to discover that the people who kidnapped Payton are back in town.

Episode 2: Night FrightEdit

Upload Date: June 29, 2012

Up late, Bella meets a ghost. Things only get weirder when Payton comes over. Bella gets locked in the bathroom, losing her intelligence thanks to an incantation.

Episode 3: Camp EmilyEdit

Upload Date: July 4, 2012

The camping trip Bella was looking forward to is spoiled by the sudden arrival of her "evil" cousin, Emily.

Episode 4: Changed MermaidEdit

Upload Date: July 10, 2012

Payton comes home goth, something Bella isn't too happy about. They fight, and Bella decides to move on, even after Payton wants to repair their friendship.

Episode 5: First SightingEdit

Upload Date: July 30, 2012

Bella gets lost in the woods, in the rain, and the water tentacle makes another appearance.

Episode 6: Toil and Trouble, Part 1Edit

Upload Date: July 30, 2012

Emily shows up at Bella's house, they get into a fight, and Emily begins snooping around in Bella's things, eventually stumbling across her biggest secret.

Episode 7: Toil and Trouble, Part 2Edit

Upload Date: July 30, 2012

Bella manages to delete the mermaid photos off Emily's iPod, and threatens her not to tell anyone.

Episode 8: Change . . .Edit

Upload Date: August 18, 2012

Nikki moves. Payton and Bella have a bizarre dream, sleepwalking while under its influence, and remember nothing the next morning.

Episode 9: Clues RevealedEdit

Upload Date: August 18, 2012

Payton and Bella are getting sick of the mermaid stuff. They find a note, and the water tentacle shows up again.

Episode 10: The CaptureEdit

Upload Date: August 26, 2012

Payton and Bella go for a walk in the woods, only to see the people who kidnapped Payton almost a year ago. The two girls are chased into the woods, and the next day, something terrible happens.

Episode 11: FinaleEdit

Part 1Edit

Upload Date: October 7, 2012

Bella and Payton are captured, and their kidnappers decide to expose them.

Part 2Edit

Upload Date: October 28, 2012

Season 4Edit

This Isn't Good, Part 1Edit

Upload Date: January 8, 2013

Payton is starting to lose her memory, and it's up to Bella and Emily to get it back.

This Isn't Good, Part 2Edit

Upload Date: February 16, 2013