The Crazy Mermaid Life is a show originally posted on the channel Soccerice54, but which has been cancelled and removed.


A girl named Bella cuts her foot on an unusual rock, sees the moon and goes nuts, waking up the next morning to pop a tail. Her friend Nikki turns out to be a mermaid as well, and another friend named Payton becomes one a few episodes in.


In the very first opening sequence, (by the creators' admission, before they could edit their videos or add sound in post-production) the narrator calls the show "The Secret Mermaids," and Bella "Anna." The tails were homemade. On April 11, 2013, the creators announced that due to a stalker issue, they were discontinuing the show for their own personal safety.

Cast & CrewEdit

Grayson as Bella Chadwick

Brittany as Payton White

Jessica as Nikki Chadwick

Anna as Nicole Johnson


Violet as Blaire Convoy

Sarah as Emily


Edited by Grayson

Written by Anna

Episode ListEdit

Season 1Edit

  1. A Stone Magic
  2. Mer Freak
  3. Goofing Around
  4. Power Play
  5. Payton's Secret
  6. Finale Part 1, 2, 3

Season 2Edit

  1. New Year, New Cousin
  2. An Unfortunate Dream
  3. Cabin Fever
  4. Sea Sick
  5. New Member
  6. Fish Out of Water
  7. Slash of Knowledge
  8. New Girl
  9. A Twist at Grandma's Part 1, 2
  10. Finale Part 1, 2

Season 3Edit

  1. Nikki's Back
  2. Night Fright
  3. Camp Emily
  4. Changed Mermaid
  5. First Sighting
  6. Toil and Trouble Part 1
  7. Toil and Trouble Part 2
  8. Change...
  9. Clues Revealed
  10. The Capture
  11. Finale Part 1, 2

Season 4Edit

  1. This Isn't Good, Part 1
  2. This Isn't Good, Part 2

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