The 2 Tailed Mermaids is a show posted on the channel the2tailedmermids, currently in its second season.


While playing ball in the park, Annie and Emma find a lost magical river.


Megan as Annie

Sam as Emma

Morgan as Himself

Alyssa as Amber

Cassidy as Jaime


In the second season the creators obtained a Fin Fun mermaid tail. At some point in 2015 every episode after the 5th was either set to private or unlisted, for unknown reasons.

Episode ListEdit

Season 1Edit

  1. Just the Begining [sic]
  2. Power Stones
  3. Power Hour
  4. One More Power
  5. Sea Sick Part 1, 2
  6. Night of the Full Moon Part 1, 2
  7. Picture Perfect
  8. Memory Loss
  9. Double Crossed
  10. Mermaid Amber (Finale)

Season 2Edit

  1. Birthday Wave
  2. Lost on Shore
  3. Washed Away
  4. Power Storm