A list of episodes in the show the3mermaidfins.

Season 1Edit

Episode 1: A Bizarre ChangeEdit

Upload Date: March 11, 2013

Brooklyn and Hailey take a walk and get lost. The same night at their sleepover they discover they are mermaids.

Episode 2: One More TailEdit

Upload Date: Marcy 17, 2013

Merlena gets really upset that Brooklyn and Hailey are mermaids, so she takes a walk, gets lost, and discovers she's a mermaid as well.

Episode 3: Cold as IceEdit

Upload Date: April 7, 2013

The others find out that Merlena is a mermaid. They make up, and discover that they have cryokinesis.

Episode 4: Secret Agent HaileyEdit

Part 1Edit

Upload Date: April 26, 2013

Merlena tells the truth about her family, and how they have to find two more mermaids to save Hailey from her twin, Susan.

Part 2Edit

Upload Date: April 26, 2013

The girls have a sleepover and have loads of fun, but get really worried because they don't know if they can find those two girls in time to save Hailey.

Episode 5: New FacesEdit

Upload Date: April 28, 2013

Best friends Lottie and Aqua are at the park, and the girls decide to invite them to a sleepover. Guessing they're the two girls, Brooklyn, Hailey and Merlena show them they are mermaids and explain everything to them.

Episode 6: More MermaidsEdit

Upload Date: April 29, 2013

Everyone thinks it's a perfect night to go out to the woods so Aqua and Lottie can turn in to mermaids. While Brook and Merlena are on "Suzy watch," Hailey helps Lottie and Aqua find the place where they turned into mermaid. When the full moon rises, sparks fly. Who knows what will happen next?

Episode 7: A New PlaceEdit

Upload Date: May 27, 2013

The original episode title was "Where Are They?" but due to a technical glitch the episode was re-uploaded.

Episode 8: And Then There Were 4Edit

Upload Date: May 27, 2013

They finally find Lottie, but what about Aqua?