the3mermaidfins is a mermaid show formerly posted on the channel Moon Struck, cancelled and removed partway through its first season.


While out on a bike ride, find a cave, get freaked out by the unnatural-looking Moon, and run away. At their sleepover that night, they both end up popping tails. The next night, Merlena ends up popping a tail when she gets mad at Brooklyn and Hailey.


Samantha as Brooklyn Myers

Cary as Hailey Holt

Grace as Merlena Sef, Susan Sef

Mary as Aqua

Katelyn as Lottie Ashing

Mackenzie as Peppy


In the credits for the first episode, the show was called the 2 Mermaid Fins.

In September 2013, the creators posted a video announcing that they were cancelling the series, due to it being rushed, and would make a new and improved show called The Mermaid Triplets, which they planned to get underway that December.

Episode ListEdit

Season 1Edit

  1. A Bizarre Change
  2. One More Tail
  3. Cold as Ice
  4. Secret Agent Hailey, Part 1, 2
  5. New Faces
  6. More Mermaids
  7. A New Place
  8. And Then There Were 4

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