Our Scaly Secret is a mermaid show posted on the channel agmermaidlover2000, which has been deleted in its fourth season.


Waking up after a weird dream, a girl seems to find mermaids wherever she looks. Going outside, she discovers a sunshower, and falls into a pool.


Tori as Annalise

Emma as Lauren

Elizabeth as Bridget


The original tails were homemade by the mother of some of the cast, or in one case by Tori. In late September 2013, the creators uploaded a video announcing that they were having technical issues--Windows Movie Maker claimed their YouTube channel was only a Google account--and the show would have to go on hold until the problem was solved. A later update revealed that the channel was still refusing to cooperate, so a new channel was being created. New tails were ordered from Mermagica.

The new show, Secrets of a Mermaid, began a little while later on a different channel, and posts confirmed that Our Scaly Secret's channel could no longer upload videos. However, in April 2015, a new video came up on the original channel saying that the problem was resolved, and they were never leaving it again. Our Scaly Secret was getting a reboot. Filming began in May, with promises of episodes coming some time in June.

A video update appeared in August 2016, announcing that the show was no longer going to continue; too much had changed, and the channel still was uncooperative. The videos were taken down sometime after that point.

Episode ListEdit

Season 1Edit


Our Scaly Secret

  1. Mermaid Magic
  2. Powerway
  3. Mess'n [sic] With Powers
  4. My Necklace
  5. Finale*

Season 2Edit

  1. Tidal Wave
  2. Yoga Forest
  3. Potion Madness
  4. One More Mermaid
  5. Holloween Decorations [sic]
  6. Magical Dog Items
  7. More and More Chocolate
  8. Bridget's Babysitting
  9. Mermaid Finale

Season 3Edit

  1. Mermaid . . . Madness! Part 1
  2. Mermaid . . . Madness! Part 2
  3. Ingredients for Life
  4. Bridget is . . . Nice?!!! [sic]
  5. Back to Normal
  6. The Spell
  7. Annalise Overboard
  8. Mermaid Finale
  • Colorado Adventure (Movie)

Season 4Edit

  1. Mermaid Palooza
  2. Watch Out, Mermaid!
  3. Mermaid Test
  4. Freaky Friday
  5. More Mermaids, More Powers
  6. Who's a Mermaid Now
  7. Mermaid Secret
  8. Rapids of Change
  9. Siren's Call Part 1, 2

Our Second Chance: Season 1Edit

- There is an alternate version of episode 5 labeled "Moving Scroll," essentially the same video minus sound.