Our Little Secret is a mermaid show posted on the channel RainbowLagoon12, currently early in its second season.


A girl named Summer invites her friends, Capemay, Aubry, and new girl Sapphire, over to her house. Sapphire makes everyone fruit punch (secretly adding a spell), which Capemay and Aubry drink and find disgusting. Summer refuses despite Sapphire's attempts to persuade her. The two girls go home, accidentally get wet and pop tails.

Later, Summer invites everyone back to her house, including local rich bad girl Amber. Finding the punch, she drinks it and pops a tail in front of everyone. Sapphire reveals herself to be a mermaid, and eventually, all of the girls become first friends, then mermaids.


Katie as Aubry Winters

Heather as Sapphire Ocean

Megan as Capemay

Cristina as Summer

Angie as Amber

Angelika as Brooke


The account was hacked, and at some point in late 2012 or early 2013, the show was set to private. It was restored for public viewing in late summer or early fall of 2013, but then went back to private a few months later. As of 2015 it had become unavailable, but around sometime in 2016, it became available, but was still hacked, and as of 2016, will be considered abandoned.

Episode List

Season 1Edit

  1. The Fishy New Girl
  2. The Secret Spell
  3. A Fishy Surprise
  4. Full Moon Rising
  5. Unkept Secret

Season 2Edit

  1. Double Trouble

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