Pyrokinesis, Hydrokinesis, Cryokinesis

Many mermaids gain superpowers along with their tails, once again frequently based on H2O: Just Add Water! They also tend to upgrade from one to another, mainly starting with an elemental power and moving to a more weather related one.

This does not apply to temporary powers, but permanent ones that a character can use at any time. If a mermaid has to recite a spell, use a potion or otherwise relies on some object other than herself, it does not count. Powers used by non-mermaids don't belong on this list.


Main article: Atmokinesis

The ability to control the weather, particularly storms. This power is typically a combination of several mermaid abilities, which are also powers in their own right; control of wind, rain, lightning and the like.

Body ManipulationEdit

The ability to control one's own body or someone else's.

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Bubble ManipulationEdit

The ability to create and control bubbles.

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Cloth ManipulationEdit

The ability to alter fabric or cloth, such as to instantly change one outfit into another.

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Main article: Cryokinesis

Also known as Glaciokinesis, the ability to freeze objects and generate snow or many other substances. Specifically, freezing water is Hydro-Cryokinesis. Associated with the element of air.

Dream WalkingEdit

The ability to enter the dreams of others.

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Elemental ManipulationEdit

The ability to control or even transform into the elements. This includes manipulation or creation of earth, fire, air and water.

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The ability to rapidly dissipate water, turning it into vapor without heat.

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Force FieldsEdit

The ability to create energy shields to trap or deflect attacks (or attackers).

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The ability to turn water into a gelatinous substance, or to generate slime/goop.

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The ability to heal the injuries of oneself or others.

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The ability to manipulate the color of water.

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Main article: Hydrokinesis

Also known as Aquakinesis, the ability to manipulate water.

Instant KnockoutEdit

The ability to render someone else unconscious instantly without harming them.

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Instant LearningEdit

The ability to absorb a new skill and excel at it rapidly, sometimes in seconds.

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The ability to make oneself no longer solid, and therefore pass through walls or have objects pass through the body without harm.

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The ability to make oneself unseen to others. Occasionally it can also extend to making other objects or people invisible.

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Life ManipulationEdit

A general ability to create or stimulate life.

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Light ManipulationEdit

The ability to control light.

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Magical VoiceEdit

The ability to use one's voice for magical purposes, whether in Siren Song or some other form of mind control, or just being able to cast spells through speech or singing.

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Siren SongEdit

The ability to hypnotize others with one's singing voice. Because of its control over others, this is more often a villainous power than a good one, but there have been exceptions.

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Sonic ScreamEdit

The ability to emit a highly enhanced scream of high amplitude.

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According to Titania, all mers have latent sonic abilities that can be trained into sonic screams or sonic speed.

Moon ShieldEdit

The ability to block the light of the full moon, preventing it from having its usual intoxicating influence on a mermaid.

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Money ManipulationEdit

The ability to summon or create wealth.

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Nature ManipulationEdit

The ability to control and change elements of nature. This can mean just plants or extend to everything non-manmade, including rocks and earth.

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Plant ManipulationEdit

The ability to control plants.

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The ability to see into the future.

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The ability to restore broken objects to their original form. It may be simply the reversal of shattering.

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The ability to create duplicates of oneself.

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The ability to transform into someone or something else, whether human, animal or inanimate object. This is typically not classed as a mermaid power, but a separate species.

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The ability to make objects spontaneously shatter.

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Siren ShieldEdit

The ability to protect oneself from Sirens.

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Siren TrackingEdit

The ability to see where a Siren has been and pursue it.

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Solar ManipulationEdit

The ability to control and manipulate the sun and sunshine, associated with the element of fire.

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Stellar ManipulationEdit

The ability to control one or more stars.

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The ability to travel at high speeds without harm or significant energy loss.

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A water-only variant of superspeed: the mermaid can swim at incredibly high speeds without tiring. Also known as sonic speed.

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Enhanced strength.

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The ability to move objects with one's mind.


Another name for telekinesis; specifically the ability to make objects float in the air.

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The ability to move objects that are touching water.

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The ability to read minds. It can also be used to manipulate memories, swap bodies, or create headaches.

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The ability to make someone else lose their mind.

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Main Article: Teleportation

The ability to instantly transport from one place to another.

Temporal ManipulationEdit

The ability to control time.

Time TravelEdit

The ability to move backwards or forwards through time.

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Time StoppingEdit

A subset of temporal manipulation, the ability to stop time. Can be linked to ice in that it "freezes" time.

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Main article: Thermokinesis

The ability to heat water, boiling or even evaporating it. Associated with the element of fire.


The ability to communicate with, or understand the reactions of, animals.

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