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Mermaid Tails is a show posted on the channel of the same name which has started its third season.


Sisters Layla and Diamond find a strange cave which changes their lives forever.


LaCheree "Lala" as Diamond

Naya as Layla

Kiara as Krista

Shatoya as Brooklyn

Adriana as Deliya

China as Roxy

Esther as Isabella


Before the series officially began, the creators held an art contest which ended in early May. By season 3 they were using a tail.

Episode ListEdit

Season 1Edit

  1. Tranfermation [sic]
  2. Reasearch Alert [sic]
  3. The Tree of Life
  4. Smooth and Slick
  5. Was It a Dream
  6. Investagated [sic]

Season 2Edit

  1. The Dicovery [sic]
  2. Breaking News
  3. Practice Makes Perfect
  4. Shocker
  5. The Cave
  6. Splash Zone
  7. Seek For Revenge, Part 1
  8. Seek For Revenge, Part 2
  • Once Upon a Time...

Season 3Edit

  1. New Tides and Memories
  2. Fresh Starts
  3. Caught Ya
  4. Escape and Dreams
  5. Why Not Just Hang Out
  6. The Letter
  7. The Call

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