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Mermaid Secrets is a mermaid show posted on the channel MermaidSecrets101, which has been set to private in its second season.


Two sisters go for a swim in the ocean, only to be dragged into a cave by a strange current during a half-moon. Naturally, they end up popping tails.


Kirsten as Lilly

Sedona as Eclipse

Daddy Matt as Himself

Danielle as Catrina

Sammy as Himself

Mom as Herself

Sissy Bri as Girl


Camerawork by Kirsten, Sedona, Daddy Matt, Mom

Edited by Lily

Directed by Daddy Matt, Lilly


Probably due to risks of copyright infringement (which forced a re-edit of the second episode to remove a song) the first season had no theme music. The house fire plot that begins in the fifth episode was necessitated by a real-life fire that forced the creators to find a new house.

In early June of 2014 the creators posted an update video saying that they did plan on finishing the series, but they were prioritizing their new channels, and they'd outgrown their tails, so the episodes might take a while. For unknown reasons, in mid July, Mermaid Secrets 101 turned all of their Mermaid Secrets videos into private, though this was apparently by accident as a video announcement explained that the show would not continue but it would be public. By September 2015 the series was private again.

Episode ListEdit

Season 1Edit

  1. The Change
  2. Talent Showdown
  3. Strange Things
  4. Halloween Haunt
  5. House Fire!

Season 2Edit

  1. Vacation!
  2. Halloween Terror
  3. Wishes

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