Maui Mermaids is a mermaid show posted on the channel of the same name, which has begun its third season.


While exploring the abandoned Trident Bay, Brooklyn and Taylor find themselves forced to travel through a strange pool that glows and bubbles when they get in. They emerge as mermaids, and things only get more complicated from there.

Cast & CrewEdit

Jai/Nikki as Brooklyn Rhodes, Brody Periwinkle, News Reporter

Sophie/Nicole as Taylor, Hazel Gram, John Rhodes, Sally, Bryann Periwinkle, Mrs. Watersworth

Jenette as Larynx


The cast have already made one mermaid show, Something About the Tide, though after losing an actress they chose to move on to a new series. The tails used in the show came from Eight episodes were planned for the first season. In October 2016 the series was set to private, as the cast was worried about bullying from schoolmates who had found the channel. The cast did however promise that this was only temporary, and it was, with the show restored to public and continued in early 2017.

Episode ListEdit

Season 1Edit

  1. Trident Bay
  2. The Discovery
  3. First Swim
  4. Shower of Powers
  5. The Boyfriend
  6. Necklaces
  7. Out of Control
  8. Aqua Glass
  9. The Memories
  10. Season Finale

Season 2Edit

  1. The Aftermath
  2. The Tides are Changing
  3. Reporter Encounter
  4. Invisible
  5. The Chase
  6. Brooklyn Left Behind
  7. The Fight
  8. The Finale

Season 3Edit

  1. The Beginning of the End

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