Fluffy Tails and Fishy Scales is a mermaid show formerly posted on the channel FluffyandFishy.


Claire invites a friend named Mykenna over, only to find out she is a mermaid and reveals she is a mermaid too. Then, an unexpected visit from another friend named Violet leads to another secret.


Corinne as Claire

Jessica as Mia

Zoe as Violet

Jessica as Emily


In May of 2013, the show was taken down in anticipation of a new show which they intended to be better. There has been no activity on the channel since that time.

Episode ListEdit

Season 1Edit

  1. Too Many Seacrets [sic]
  2. Boiling Ice
  3. Spell Book
  4. The Mermaid, the Wolf and the Bloody Hobo