Connected is a mermaid show uploaded on the channel TheMermaidtetra, which is currently in its rebooted first season. It was previously known as Fire, Ice, just add Water. The reboot now has the name Connected but the original is still called FIJAW.



While out on a hike, friends Tetra, Bailey and and Nikki become lost and wander into a cave, eventually leading them into a pool to witness a strange light show. Waking up at home, they dismiss it as a dream, until they get wet and pop tails, of course.


While enjoying a day at the beach on the sunny shores of California, the girls wander into the cliffs where they find a mysterious cave. As the waves rise and fall around them the girls tread through the ocean water and discover a deep pool which they believe to be the only exit. As they stumble in the pool a powerful energy forces them under the water turning their legs into tails instantly.


One of the actresses suffered an injury that rendered her unable to walk or swim while it healed, putting the show on hiatus. Some time later, the existing episodes were set to private, because the creators' schoolmates were finding the videos and embarrassing them. In a private message the creators confirmed that they would not be continuing the show.

However, in mid-January the videos became publically available once more, but only temporarily. Mariah posted a video in October of 2014 to announce that the show would continue, and that the actress's real names didn't match their character names as was previously assumed.

A January 2015 update announced that more episodes were on the way and several weeks the first new episode in over 4 years, "A Change in the Tides" was released.

The girls have stated that more is on the way for the summer of 2015.


Brooke Schulte as Tetra Chadwick

Shannon Laude as Bailey Boudy

Mariah Justice as Nikki Leawood

Episode ListEdit

Season 1 (Original)Edit

  1. A Strange Night
  2. A Special Secret
  3. Power Hour
  4. A Change in the Tail
  5. Moonlight Madness

Season 1 (Reboot)Edit

  1. A Change in the Tides
  2. Lost in Transition
  3. Acceptance
  4. Scare off your Scales
  5. El Niño
  6. Search
  7. The Necklace