• Tropical Sunrise
  • Arctic Blue
  • Asian Magenta
  • Aussie Green
  • Malibu Pink
  • Barracuda Black
  • Celtic Green
  • Rio Red
  • Passion Pink
  • Purple Sky
  • Golden Scale
  • Ariel Green
  • Caribbean Blue
  • Diamond Shimmer
  • Mediterranean Sea
  • Caribbean Sunset
  • Black Diamond
  • Midnight Reef (discontinued)
  • Caribbean Tide (discontinued)
  • Turquoise Blue (discontinued)
Fin Fun Mermaid Tails is a mermaid tail-making company which, as advertised, is much less expensive than most of its competitors. It can be found here.

Distinguishing TraitsEdit

  • Bottom of fluke is left open. Monofin can be removed.
  • Fluke and tail are typically two separate pieces of fabric sewn together.
  • Half of tails are sparkly/shiny.
  • Color variety.
  • Most unique pattern is storm-like (see Caribbean Sunset and Caribbean Blue).