A Splashy Tale is a show posted on the channel MERMAIDSROCK1000 which has just ended with its second season.


Izzy was just a normal girl who loved to hang out with her best friends, Zalika and Razundull. One day, they went to the pool, and Izzy found a potion. Zalika accidentally spilled it on her. After not deciding to go get a snack with her friends, Izzy went for a swim, and was shocked to see she was now part-fish. Now Izzy has to face the troubles of being a mermaid. Along the way she meets another mermaid named Summer. They become best friends. The only problem is, who can Izzy trust?


All of the cast members have directed at some point.

Danika as Izzy

Jessica as Summer

Kimberly as Aqua

Charlee as Zannia

Cierra as Zalika "Zali"

Dakota as Razundull "Razzy"


One of the girls' tails was obtained from, the others were homemade. Since its creation, the show's creators have held multiple contests as they gained subscribers.

In early June of 2013, the creators announced that season 2 was being delayed (and that they planned to have three seasons and possibly a movie in total), and that more mermaids were coming.

In August, Jessica quit the show, temporarily causing its cancellation. Later the creators announced they could save it, although it would be delayed. The cast continued to post updates on the show and sneak previews for season 2.

The second season's finale marked the conclusion of the series.

Episode ListEdit

Season 1Edit

  1. Metamorphosis
  2. The Fight
  3. The Power in Your Hand
  4. A Fishy Surprise
  5. Best Friends Fade Away, Part 1, 2
  6. Christmas Fishes
  7. Strange Moon
  8. Fishy Book
  9. Mermaid Journal
  10. Mermaid Proof
  11. Dangerous Waters

Season 2Edit

  1. Wish to Fish
  2. Jealous of Fishies
  3. Only Magic
  4. Wings Between Us
  5. Wish for a Change, Part 1, 2
  6. Christmas Police
  7. Fish Stuck
  8. Fishy Troubles
  9. Lost Magic
  10. Mermaid on the Run
  11. The Moon's Calling

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