A list of episodes in A Mermaid Tale (mermaidoliviaaqua).

Season 1Edit

Episode 1Edit

Upload Date: April 22, 2012

When Hailey's grandmother dies, Hailey inherits a grey velvet box holding a beautiful locket. Hailey loves it and wears it whereever she goes, but ever since she put it on, she's been craving water . . .

Episode 2Edit

Upload Date: May 9, 2012

Ever since Hailey ran from Rikki the night before, Rikki's grown more and more suspicious. It was only a drop of water, she said. But a drop of water can change everything. So the next day, Rikki asks Hailey what happened while they are by the pool, and Hailey happens to forget she's a mermaid.

Episode 3Edit

Upload Date: June 2, 2012

Rikki and Hailey look through the books Hailey's grandmother left them, and find a recipe for "Magic Goo," which if done right, will grant them any wish.

Episode 4Edit

Upload Date: July 14, 2012

Finally finishing the potion, the girls try it out.

Episode 5Edit

Upload Date: December 31, 2012

When Hailey gets locked out of her house, she finds a book with the spare key. Inside the book is a letter, which mentions a necklace that Rikki and Hailey cant find. Eventually, it leads them to the attic of a strange old woman's house.