A Mermaid's World is a mermaid show posted on the channel of the same name, abandoned early in its second season.

The PlotEdit

While out skipping stones, friends Dylan and Sadie find two silver necklaces. Later, they both end up in the pool while wearing them, and feel a change. Later, they both get themselves wet and pop tails.


Dylan King (Cinematography, Editing, Casting) - Micah Cornor

Sadie Collins (Cinematography) - Kinley Miller

Paige - Mikayla Welsh


Both of the girls' tails were sewn by Micah's grandmother. Some time after finishing the first season, the creators found themselves unable to sign in to their account, but as of May 2013 the problem was resolved and season 2 went into production, with the first episode arriving in early July.

Episode ListEdit

Season 1Edit

  1. A Whole New World
  2. Power Practice
  3. Sick Days
  4. The Eclipse
  5. Untitled
  6. Finale

Season 2Edit

  1. Untitled
  4. Untitled

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