4 Tails is a mermaid show formerly posted on the channel Glicker Sticker, which was in its second version of the first season at the time of its deletion.


Bree, Claire, Skyler and Lauren's swim is interrupted by a Mom calling to remind them to walk the dogs. They promptly lose the dogs, and find what they think is a bottle of soda, and drink it. Finding the dogs, they return to the pool, and pop tails.


RunningLuver4ever as Bree

Claire - Sillygal4ever as Claire

O as Skyler

Friend 1 as Lauren


Several of the cast members were forbidden from showing their faces on camera, so the creators decided to film everyone from the back to compensate.

In 2013, the creators decided to restart the series. Just before the end of that year they posted a video announcing that they were moving to a new channel. It was unclear if the show would continue there or be abandoned. That question was later answered when the series, and the channel, vanished from YouTube in 2014.

Episode ListEdit

Season 1 (Original)Edit

  1. Mermaids?
  2. The Powers
  3. The Necklaces
  4. Bad Luck
    1. Part 1

Season 1 (Reboot)Edit

  1. Necklace
  2. Mermaid
  3. Rose
  4. New Tail, Part 1

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